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Experience truly in-depth, one on one care with Yoga Therapy Individual Sessions.  

All Individual Sessions begin with an intake appointment.  Intakes cover your initial complaint, basic medical history including any diagnoses, and medication.  Fitness levels, spiritual practices (if any), nutrition, work life, and family life are all discussed.  Assessments like Range of Motion testing is also completed at this time if necessary.  This is your opportunity to discuss what your goals are for our time together.

It is according to this assessment, as well as your goals, that a highly individual and tailored set of practices is developed.  Whether it is an asana practice, breath practice, meditation (or all three!), we will spend time together learning them all so you can bring them home and begin to merge them into your daily life.

Enjoy in-person or online follow ups as well as email access for any questions you may have.


Initial Intake:   $135

Follow Up:      $80

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