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My Approach

As a yoga therapist it is my goal to help empower clients to learn ways to relieve their suffering and bring themselves back to balance within the yogic framework.  Solutions can be tailored to each client using asana, pranayama, and meditation techniques.

Clients begin their process with an in-depth intake form.  This form covers not only the basics regarding their health history and challenges but also things like your work life, spiritual life, nutrition, family, and hobbies and interests.  This is all so that I can get as full a picture of you as possible and that will help me to tailor our approach to your healing.

Once the intake form is filled, an initial appointment will be arranged.  It is during this time that any Range of Motion tests will take place (if your complaint is of a physical nature).  We will talk about all the aspects of your intake form as well as have a more in-depth discussion about the reason for your visit. It is from this discussion that I will gain a clearer picture of how to proceed.  If we cannot go over whatever asana and pranayama practice I'd like you to do that day, then we will book another appointment to do that.  You may be sent home with a print out of instructions, a video, or an audio recording to help you out.  

There are frequent check ins and you can always reach me by email.  

After a few weeks of practice we will set up a time to meet again and check your progress.  It's at this point that we can make any adjustments that may be required. 

I look forward to hearing from you!  Feel free to fill in the form below or email me at if you have any questions.

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